​​​​Let Gaynor’s Fine Consignments Be Your Operations Department!

We can hold an auction of just your material.  

- Perfect for collectors that want more control over lotting, descriptions and reserves. 
- Perfect for dealers that want to hold an auction but don’t want to do the work or have the platform

What do you need?

At least 50 lots with an estimated reasonable final value of $5000 or more.  You will want to have some better quality pieces to drive customers, but can also throw in some filler to move inventory. 

How much does it Cost?  

$100 set up fee.  We have a tiered consignment structure between 10%-15% depending on the work involved.  No final value fee for unsold lots.  Simply ask and we will send information.  No obligation.  

What we do:

- Write descriptions
- Take photos
- List the auction on Invaluable / Auctionzip
- Invoice customers
- Collect Money