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Estate Sales

Gaynor's Fine Consignments is looking to add Estate and Moving sales to our calendar.  Our motto is "Take what you want and we do the rest".  Take the items that you are keeping, give us the keys and we do the rest.  When we are done the house is ready to change hands with the new owner or put on the market for sale.  Its that simple!  

The most common reason to have an estate sale is a death in the family and the need to liquidate the household items in order to place the house on the market for sale. On the Cape, moving from a larger residence to a smaller residence, or moving into assisted living is the 2nd most common reason.

What to do:
- Our first advice is “Don't Throw Anything Away!”
- Call us and let us do a walk through

Service we provide:
- We price the items, hold the sale, do the advertising.
- Unsold items removed
- Broom swept after sale

Why you should use us:
- Competitive rates
- Quick turn around (sometimes as fast as one week)
- No work for you
- Not all items should be sold at an estate sale. We also sell items on ebay, at our consignment shop and can put items at auction if appropriate. We sell your material in the venue in which it will bring the most.
- While most estate sale companies want a minimum of 5-10K in material, we will take smaller sales and simply adjust the commission to fit the sale.
- Lightening Fast Payout

Please give us a call at 508-237-9236 and ask for Scott or send Scott an email.