From 1997-2008 we were the largest seller of Vintage Sports Memorabilia on eBay.In 2009 we branched out into different areas, but continued to sell sports items in our Ebay monthly auctions for a select few consignors.   

We have noticed a growing need for a reliable and knowledgeable sports seller on Ebay. For the first time in years, we have started accepting sports consignments for our Ebay monthly auctions from the public. We are offering a flat 30% consignment rate. We pay the Ebay fees out of our commission.  

We find that typically, because of our reputation and mailing list, we get 20%-30% more than the average seller. Everybody that sells on Ebay pays approximately 13%-14% with eBay fees and credit card processing fees which means that you are only paying a commission of about 15-17%. Since we typically get more than the average seller, you are on average going to make 5% more than if you sell yourself, and you don’t have to do any of the work!

All items start at $9.99 and are offered without reserve. We have been doing that since 1997 and find it the best way to get the most money since it encourages bidding.  
Single items or lots should have a reasonable selling price of $30 or more.  

At this promotional consignment rate we are accepting:
1- Sports Cards (all sports)
2 - Sports Memorabilia (all sports)
3- Autographs (all sports)
4- Nonsports cards

Auctions are run monthly, payment is sent out within a couple of weeks of the close of the auction.  
You can find us online

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us here: